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RockHaven's Puppy Process

1.  The first step is to fill/send a Puppy Application.  (Click here)​​

All families must complete an application - NO EXCEPTIONS! 

2.  Then we will reply via email or phone to chat and hopefully schedule a time for you to visit the dogs.  This is a visit to my home, and is by invitation only.  If you are not near enough to do this ahead of time, you can visit all the adult dogs upon puppy pick-up. 

3. Approval or denial to place a reservation.

4. Upon approval we will email you the Deposit Contract & Puppy Contract.  If the terms are agreeable, you are welcome to make a Deposit for an upcoming litter.  Once the deposit is received, you are officially on the list for a puppy from one of our litters. 

5. Puppy assignment/choosing is based on sex, companion/show, temperament, & skill matching to your family and household at 7-8 weeks of age and prior to ear cropping.  Puppies are NOT chosen by color or deposit order or walking into my house and pointing & choosing.  This is a customized process tailored to your unique needs in which we work together and agree upon the best puppy for you! 

6. Payment is due in full on all puppies at 7 weeks of age. If you need to make payments weekly or bi-weekly until that time that's okay! Please let us know in advance of sending any payments.  

7. We do not ship puppies in order to comply with USDA federal guidelines exempting home/hobby breeders from the "retail pet store" classification. Puppies going to homes outside of our local area will either be hand delivered by us or must be picked up in person.  Any travel costs associated with the hand delivery of a puppy are the responsibility of the puppy's new family and will need to be reimbursed prior to travel, if by air, or upon hand delivery, if by vehicle. IF we must transport a puppy we would also prefer to meet you for pick up part way vs. traditional transport. I can also fly to personally deliver a puppy to you for the cost of the flight and a small fee.  This can all be discussed on an individual basis. 


If you need to fly into Indianapolis (IND) or Chicago (ORD) we will happily get you to/from the IND airport and my home so your puppy can "fly under the seat in front of you".  This needs to be scheduled for when the puppies are 8-9 weeks old.  Much older than that, and they won't fit! 

Even in you don't buy a pup from RockHaven, you are more than welcome to see the dogs and get some experience with the breed after a Puppy Application is sent and reviewed.  I think its important to see as many corsos as you can before committing to a breeder/litter. 


What you go home with when you buy a RockHaven puppy:

  • Your puppy!

  • A folder w/ your Puppy's  Shot Record, Contract, Registration Info, Microchip Info, & Recommended Product Listing.

  • A small bag of food to get you started.

  • Some RHCC swag and a few little supplies to help get your puppy home. 







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