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Our Males

GCH RockHaven's Solomon's Choice (Manny) CGC, TKN, TKI

Manny is out of CH Vinny and Anora. But after Anora went home to her co-owner, and Vinny went back home to Zionsville, IN, it was Solomon and Mona who raised him as their own.  I could tell they both saw something special in him, and spent a lot of quality time with him  teaching him everything they knew!  Manny is so wonderful with children, loves to show, and play with the puppies.  He has a calm disposition in the house.  When Silvia's puppies came to RockHaven in 2017, I watched him play both roles of Mona and Solomon to them.  Teaching them how to be polite, play, learn... It warmed my heart to see the generational traits instilled in my dogs.

Manny is a moderate-well boned male with a stellar temperament and beautiful fluid movement.  His structure has been nice all through his growth. He is very CLEAN in the way of angles, structure, not a lot of loose skin, and smaller traits (like well-shaped feet, pasterns, turn of stifle, ear set, nice straight teeth, eye set, etc).  He is line-bred Bayron with some Conan influence and older working American lines. 

Again--BALANCE.  He produces puppies with AMAZING temperaments. Several have shown to be overtly intuitive, and have been trained as Service dogs.  They seem to be particularly "in-tune" with their owners and can indicate pending episodes of various sorts. Others enjoy Agility, Obedience, and even Frisbee competition! 
DOB: 03/11/2016

Out of Anora bred to CH Vincenzo
Size: 26.5" & 126lb
OFA Health Testing

(Available for stud. Frozen semen available.)



manny stack re-size (2)
cane corso manny almost 5yo
Manny Apr2018head
rockhaven manny agility jump
cane corso manny agility jump
cane corso manny tiny friend
cane corso manny frisbee
Manny Apr2018a
manny 9mo
Manny 16mo_edited
manny 11mo
manny 5.5mo
Manny 4wks
Manny learns from Solomon
manny smiles

This is the 1st time Manny did Protection work. As you can see, this lovable guy, will do what's needed when duty calls. 

CH RockHaven's Out of the Wilderness
(Forrest) CGCA, CGCU, TKN, TKI

Forrest is out of GCH Manny & GCH Tekoa.  Bringing together multiple generations of the BEST RockHaven temperaments!  Unlike many cane corsos, he gets along with other dogs of all shapes & sizes.  He and his dad, Manny, are best friends.  In between their games of tug around the house, Manny has taught him the finer points of raising a litter of puppies.  Forrest's versatility astounds me daily in not only his looks, but his abilities. Some days he looks exactly like Tekoa, other days exactly like Manny.  He does everything from showing in conformation, to agility, to frisbee, to working as a therapy dog, to raising the puppies (kittens too!).  He has play-drive moreso than prey-drive. He was lucky to get Tekoa's beautiful front structure & dark kind eyes, Manny's length of leg, and OFA Excellent hips.  The features he has lent to our own breeding program have proved him an excellent contributor for traits such as a beautiful front construction, correct muzzle & bite structure, Excellent OFA scores, and of course, his unmatched steady temperament. 


He is available for breeding to well-matched females.  
DOB: 01/12/20

Out of GCH Tekoa bred to CH Manny
Size: 26.5" & 125lb & growing
OFA Health Testing

(Available for stud. Fresh semen available.)  



CH RockHaven's Party Animal (Bruno 2)

Bruno (2) is out of GCH Cece bred to CH Forrest.   At just 2 years old, he is just getting started!  He is more a reflection of his big and beautiful Momma Cece than he is Forrest,  though he is evidence of Forrest's ability to reproduce his front construction and length of leg.  He has always had an air of confidence to his demeanor and is happy to RV travel and hang with family.  


He is available for breeding to well-matched females.  
DOB: 11-12-2021

By CH Forrest (RH Out of the Wilderness)  out of GCH Cece (RH Party Never Ceases) 
Size: 26.5" & 125lb & maturing
OFA Health Testing

(Available for stud. Fresh semen available.)



GCH Campo's Solomon di Rockhaven CGC, CM, BN, RE

Solomon was the very first AKC Champion of Record of the breed.  In July 2010, he finished with (3) 5-point majors in the first two weeks of breed recognition. 

In addition to being a great guard dog, he was the happiest dogs I ever met! He loved the show ring and obedience, and his best legacy was teaching all the RH puppies what was expected of them as they grow.  He was known for "giving hugs," smiling, and rubbing his eyes on your pant legs.  In corso circles he is remembered for his movement and structure, and has passed that along to his kids. He was so athletic and  100% accurate in his movements.  A dog capable of being an all 'round utility dog.  He had an EXCELLENT work ethic, and never stopped wanting to please.  He passed this temperament on to his kids as well as the best of himself.  He taught Manny how to raise the babies very well. 



Available for Stud
Frozen Semen Available

Ch Campo's Solomon di RockHaven_7-11-10_hi-res
Saul 11wks reduced_4x6
Solomon at Lure Coarsing- 7.5 yrs
Sol Rally w Shawna
solomon_artsy photo
Stephen & Saul_ Eukanuba2010
RockHaven Corso (1)[1]
031910-156-35d Louisville KY show

CH RockHaven's Vincenzo, CGC

Vinny was a super cool dog.  His temperament was very strong yet very stable.  True Corso. He is a total love bug with those closest to him, & friendly upon approach.  Yet he has Mona's "seriousness" and both Solomon & Mona's worth ethic.  He is not to be trifle with;  He is an alpha-male, a physically strong dog, yet moves with considerable ease and grace.   His head is huge. He has nice bone.  And ideal BALANCE.

DOB: 03/01/2011

Out of Mad River's Mona Lisa & GCH Solomon
Size: 27" at withers & 130lb
OFA Heath Testing Results


Vinny frozen semen is available for Stud Service to approved females.

Vinny 2013
New CH RockHaven's Vincenzo_July2013

GCH RockHaven's Bruno, CGC

Bruno is out of RockHaven's Spring 2011 Litter out of GCH Solomon & Mona Lisa.  He passed his AKC Canine Good Citizen test with flying colors, finished his AKC Championship in only 2 weekends of showing!  And Grand Championed quickly thereafter.

Bruno was a big laid-back corso around the house with a terrific work ethic.  He LOVED to "work" on his obedience.  His protective instinct was balanced with an unflappable steady temperament. Confident in public, tolerant with other dogs, and great with children.

At 27.5" and 145lbs, he was a terrific example of corso type and temperament.  His proportions, angles and head measurements are per standard. 

DOB: 03/01/2011

Out of Mad River's Mona Lisa & GCH Campo's Solomon
Size: 27.5" at the withers & 145lb.
OFA health testing results.


Barton, BrunoWDD
RH Bruno 15.5mo_e

CH RockHaven's Bane

Bane is one of the stunning males to come out of RockHaven.  Because it was the best family-match for him, he is officially in a "pet home", with RH breeding access. 

Bane's ultra-steady temperament, smarts, bone, and expression are what make him so important to RH and the breed.  When people talk about "old school" corsos, this is IT.  (The term "old school" should not be thrown around as an excuse for ugly/sloppy/poor temperament dogs.)  He IS the essence of Cane Corso. Everything you have read about the breed, and want it to be.  Strong and stable. Thick but balanced. Discerning. REGAL.  Every bit as aloof & cool, as loving & friendly, and as intimidating & impressive at the right time and place.  He LOVES and protects his kids.  He is very obedient -- even if he did figure out how to body-slam the refrigerator to knock the pizza off the top of it.  (see what I mean?? SMART).

(Limited frozen semen availability for breeding to well-matched females.)  

DOB: 01/21/2017

Out of GCH Silvia bred to Dei Dauni Alvaro
Size:  27" & 135lb
OFA Hips "Good". Heart "normal"



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