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Please copy & paste these questions into an email and add your replies.

Email to:

All information will be kept confidential for its intended purpose only. 

By Submitting this Puppy Application the Applicant certifies that the information provided is true & correct.  If any information is found to be false or incomplete, the application will be denied without further notice.  While RHCC may contact you via phone or email, further communication is not guaranteed, nor is the sale of a requested puppy.  RHCC reserves the right, in it's sole discretion, to refuse any applicant for any reason whatsoever without notice.  



Contact Information:

I have researched the pronunciation of "CANE CORSO"  as "KAH-NAY cor-so" and agree to refer to it as such in a correct manner. It is NOT a "cain" or "carne", or "king" corso.  



Family Information:
Number of people residing & age of each:
Children & their ages:


Residence info:
Own or Rent?
Type of home?
Size of yard?
Fenced? Type?
Neighboring dogs?

Any Plans to Move?
(when, where, why?)



Other Pets:
Do other pets currently live with you?
Types, breeds, spayed/neuters?
If "yes", please describe their role in the family.



Past Dog Experience:
Have you Owned Dogs before?
What breeds? For how long?


Have you ever surrendered a dog to a Shelter?  Circumstances?



Will the dog live indoors or outdoors or combination of both?
When outdoors, what kind of kennel or shelter?
Is any family regularly at home during the day? Describe.



Purpose / Goals / Training:
Do you plan to crate train at home?
What is your purpose/goals for your puppy? (Showing, breeding, working, agility sports, family guardian, livestock guardian, companion? List any that apply.)



Training Experience:
Do you have experience raising and/or training a puppy? (Puppy kindergarten, obedience, SCH, TDI, CGC, PP, etc?)



What activities do you want to pursue with your RockHaven puppy? (Agility, Conformation, Obedience, Puppy Kindergarten, Schutzhund, Sport of Personal Protection, Therapy Work, Tracking, Weight Pulling, Companion Only)



Do you have a trainer who you work with (or have worked with)?  (Include Contact Info)



Time Frame:
What is your time-frame for getting a cane corso puppy? (Immediately, months, a year, or just researching?)



Do you plan to spay/neuter?



Male or Female:
Do you want a male or female (or no preference)?
Companion or Show Potential?



What type of temperament are you looking for?



Ears Cropped?:
Do you plan to have the ears cropped? (Yes, no, undecided.  Many undecided people usually have questions about the reasons/process of ear cops.  Let us know if you have questions about ear cropping.)  



Litter Preference:
From which of our dogs are you interested in getting a puppy?


Why are you interested in a puppy from Rockhaven?



Current Veterinary Information



Please supply name and telephone number of personal reference, preferably individuals who are familiar with your care of animals. Include NAME, RELATIONSHIP, and CONTACT INFO. 

Reference #1:

Reference #2:



What questions do you have about the breed in general, or RockHaven specifically? Feel free to ask or even just ask while you research the breed! 



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