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Our Females


Ceaster, Cece, and Emmy

GCH RockHaven's Wilderness of Tekoa, CGC, RN, BN

Tekoa is out of out 2017 GCH Silvia & CH Alvaro dei Dauni litter.  She stole the show here at RockHaven. Her temperament is truly lovely & engaging while also being excellent judge of character & protective!  Tekoa reminds me SO much of grandmother Mona Lisa (only not as "alpha" as she was!) with her presence and magnetism.  She moves true and has one of the prettiest fronts, and lovely expression. She has done well in shows all over the USA. One of her best features is how true and balanced she is.  But the best thing about these girls in her entire litter are the brains between their ears!  Tekoa is a love bug and good watch dog with a huge bark.  

DOB: 1/21/2017

Size: 26" and 122 lb

Out of GCH RockHaven's Silvia, CGC and CH Alvaro dei Dauni 

OFA Health Test Results  

Tekoa observes
Tekoa boy
GCH Tekoa porch-lounging
Tekoa Titles
Tekoa OFA Certifications
tekoa camarillo2018
Tekoa CH
Tekoa CCAA WB 10-21-17
Laura & Tekoa

 RockHaven's Party in the Forrest, CGCA  (Rave)

Rave is out of GCH Cece and CH Forrest.   She is a wonderful combination of the two of them.  We say this with pride, in that "Rave IS Cane Corso." Her character, intuition, and instincts are the epitome of what a cane corso female should be. She is cool, collected, aloof, discerning, all with an element of regal soulfulness, and entirely loving to her family.  Foremost, she loves nothing more than teaching the younger pups how to be proper corsos. She loves puppies and takes huge pride in the time she spends gently correcting and guiding them.  This is to an extent that other breeders have sent young pups to Courtney's house for Rave to teach them the ropes.  On the serious side of that, she is appropriately protective of the household, and has a lot of drive for working and protection.  The versatility of this girl goes far -- except to what she would call an unnecessary beauty pageant of the conformation show ring. She definitely thinks that world is beneath her!!  (We instead let brother Bruno, with his big ego, take that spotlight.)   

DOB: 11/12/2021

Size: 26" and 115lb

Out of GCH RockHaven's Party Never Ceases and CH Rockhaven's Out of the Wilderness

OFA Prelim Elbows Clear and hips "Good"

Rockhaven's Party in the Forrest
Rockhaven's Rave

GCHB RockHaven's Won't Miss a Thing CGCA, TKN  (Saphira)

Saphira (AKA Missy to us)  is out of GCH Tekoa bred to AKC Gold GCH "Cholo", who was the #1 AKC Cane Corso and CCAA Dog of the Year in 2014.   Since a baby, she has always been smaller in size, but mighty in life force.  She takes her show career very seriously, yet is a loving and even goofy girl at home.  She goes to work daily with her owner, Neesha, and sits in the beauty shop chair watching TV.  (See what I mean?  Huge personality!)  We swear she has learned the English language with how she watches TV.  

In 2023, Neesha and Myron took Saphira to win the #1 spot as National Owner Handled Series cane croso.  (This is where she is exclusively shown by her owners and not paid professional handlers.) It is quite an achievement! 


DOB: 08/30/2021

Size: 24.5" and 95lb 

Out of GCH RockHaven's Wilderness of Tekoa and GCH Red Rock Canyon's Pretty Boy Floyd

OFA Health Test Results  


watcing TV
2023 AKC National BOBOH Saphira
saphira ad
saphira frisbee

GCH RockHaven's Cease & Desist,


"Ceaster" is one of my favorite females!! *Impressive* is the best word for her.  She has Solomon's willingness to work with Anora's happy attitude. Literally NOTHING phases this girl.  She is unflappable & fearless-- takes it all in stride, and is "real" as real gets.  She loves to WORK, but it comes from a place of joy, rather than some dogs that develop that bite-work side from a nasty side of themselves.  She is appropriately protective.  She LOVES to be a show dog too! From day 1 she has had a great topline and balance.  She floats around the show ring with an attitude that just doesn't quit!  There is nothing this girl cannot do!

She is a proven producer and has been invaluable to the Rockhaven program.  

DOB: 12/27/2014

Size: 25.5"  and 124lb

Out of GCH Solomon & Anora Corso Imperium

OFA Excellent Hips, Clear Elbows, shoulders, patellas, and Normal Cardiac (advanced)

Link to OFA  Health Scores 



Ceaster Feb2024-CCAA SuppEntry Indy  9yo
Corso Barton
Ceaster Feb2024-CCAA Regional Indy 9yo
GCH Ceaster 4yo
Ceaster 2
Ceaster Feb2017
Ceaster- Westminster 2017
New CH Nov2015
Ceaster- Working awards 2016
ceaster the party girl
Ceaster 10 wks

GCH RockHaven's Party Never Ceases (Cece), CGC, TKN, TKI, VHM

We like to say that "Cece has more personality in her left paw, than all the other dogs in the house combined!"  CECE is the culmination of what I strive to produce at Rockhaven: a true "lightswitch" dog.  She is every bit as lovable, confident, obedient, hilarious, wiggly, and happy as a girl can be-- but when it comes time to protect, the switch flips, the "man-stopper" comes out, and her protective instinct is impressively ON-POINT.   Structurally, she is thick, strong, and well-boned. She has lovely angulation, which shows best in her effortless movement and rear drive. She also is producing herself in her offspring. Look for her Puppies in a show ring near you! 

Cece is co-owned with Courtney Johnson in Illinois (see Courtneys_corsos on IG) Follow her and see what all fun sports Cane Corsos can do! 


DOB: 02/26/2019
26" at withers and 135lb
Out of GCH RockHaven's Cease & Desist & CH RockHaven's Bane
Link to OFA Health Scores. 

cece win photo_edited

cece win photo_edited



RockHaven cane corso Cece 2yo

RockHaven cane corso Cece 2yo

cece hunting

cece hunting

rockhaven manny cece guarding

rockhaven manny cece guarding

cece babies brutus too much

cece babies brutus too much



cece loves kids

cece loves kids



GCHB RockHaven's Platinum Blonde Bombshell (Harlow), CGC

Harlow is Cece's sister out of Ceaster & Bane.  Harlow comes alive in the show ring with a big presence.  She finished her Grand Champion title at just 1 year old, and won Best of Opposite at the 2022 Cane Corso National Specialty!  Once she was trained, I was surprised to see more prey-drive in this sweet girl than I ever thought!  She is a great all-around dog who will make you love her! Soon we will be working on more obedience titles!  

DOB: 2/26/2019

Size: 25.5" and 118lb

Out of GCH RockHaven's Cease & Desist to CH RockHaven's Bane

Link to OFA Scores here.

Harlow wins Best Female 2022 National
CH Harlow-win photo
Harlow tekoa
Harlow friend billie
Harlow OFAs

The Ladies of
Our Past & Foundation

Anora Corso Imperium

Anora is no longer in our breeding program, but contributed her excellent pedigree to the RockHaven line.  She is from Corso Imperium in Serbia and is a direct Bayron granddaughter.  She doesn't look much like her siblings or parents; she is a throwback to Conan on the bottom 1/2 of her pedigree. Her structure is nice and balanced, even if she isn't a large female.  She is OFA "Good" hips and "Clear" Elbows.  She is a sweet girl, and gets along wonderfully with other dogs and small animals and kids.  She really doesn't portray the strong stubborn corso temperament, and is quite the "easy keeper".  She LOVES a little den area and will be your best friend forever if you throw the Jolly Ball for her!  She also loves to run and play outside with the other dogs!  She is an EXCELLENT Momma, and is always so careful of the puppies.  She even helped feed Mona's babies in 2015!  (She is both Ceaster's & Manny's mother.) 


DOB: 06/18/2012

Out of Ice Corso Imperium & Arex Valle dei Lord

OFA Good Hips & Clear Elbows

Anora Corso Imperium
ArexVDL x Ice CI

Mad River's Mona Lisa di RockHaven

Mona retired after (3) litters, and was a huge part of RockHaven's foundation.  Mona was our worker of bunch and prided herself on being very smart, serious, and fabulous.   She loved to track and hold on to the bite pillow since a young girl. We put a tracking foundation on her at 5 months of age, and years later would still track an intruding varmint in the yard.  She was stable and yet aloof to strangers---wouldn't give them the time of day, but a total love-bug to close friends. A true cane corso. She had the best prey drive, determination, and unmatched loyalty.  She had very fluid movement, nice angulation and a beautiful head.
Mona had and produced puppies with very nice bone, and brought a nice height and length of body to the next generation.  She always taught the puppies great survival skills... even the pups in the house that were not hers, she viewed them as her own. 


DOB: 10/9/2009 - 11/2016
26" at the withers & 112lbs
Out of Scandifio's Tia di Mad River & Nitro VDL
Link to OFA Health Scores  

mona 2010-11-139512.18.16-1[1]

Young Prospects

We look forward to watching these young girls grow into amazing corsos! 

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