RockHaven is a small & RESPONSIBLE cane corso breeder located in Indianapolis, IN.

After 10 years on the West Coast I came back "Home" to the midwest in Winter 2012/13.  It is here, that the RockHaven program is being refined and advanced.  My goal is to constantly develop the cane corso breed, while concurrently providing some of the best cane corsos to families like yours! 

(I was formerly located in the High Desert region of southern California. It's  located 85 miles northeast of Los Angeles in Hesperia, California. The summers are hot, the winters are cold and the sunsets are unbelievably beautiful!)

First and foremost, my dogs are my dogs. I have kennels for them, but they are not (and never will be) merely "kennel dogs." RockHaven's goal is to remain a small and great cane corso breeder that produces the best cane corsos in conformation and working ability. We will provide families and individuals with dogs that can fulfill the purposes for which they are needed. Being a working breed, nothing makes a corso happier than performing a job well done.

I originally got involved with this wonderful breed in 2006 when I moved to a rural area with more land. Growing up, I had rescued dogs from animal control and the woods near my home where people would abandon/dump their unwanted dogs. However, this time, I needed a specific dog for a specific purpose. I had always wanted a "big dog" for protection and companionship, and once I was out "on my own" I started researching various breeds that could secure the property. I nearly settled on a German shepherd, but a friend recommended that I research cane corsos because they were great dogs. After several months of internet research and a couple of visits to breeders - I had found the perfect breed! Smart, discerning, intuitive, strong, graceful, no-nonsense, gentle, courageous, thinking, clever, funny, intense -- this breed had it all! So Atlas joined me in Fall of 2006. Soon after, I found they are like potato chips - you can't have just one! From that time forward, my love of the breed expanded, as did the desire to preserve and improve it in the USA. Because of this, RockHaven dogs will always be bred with temperament, structure, and type as top priorities.

"Bringing out the Best in Our Dogs"
This phrase serves as one of our founding principles. I believe that just as each person has talents and a purpose, so does each one of the dogs. They each have different and favorite skills which I foster and develop in each one: Atlas loved children & guarding the house. Solomon loved to run with a bicycle and bask in the spotlight at shows, and help raise the puppies, and hunt squirrels. Lakota was special with her amazing ability to read people with illness and needs. Mona could track a scent, teach the puppies, and seriously guards the yard. Roonie takes it upon herself to make sure everyone is "okay"-- If you're not feeling well, she turns to glue and won't budge from you.  These dogs need a job to do. With Solomon gone, it's Manny who now "raises" the puppies and teaches them what is expected of them.  It is one of my greatest joys to discover their skills and help them along the way!  Some RH dogs have gone on to be true Therapy/Mobility dogs, guardians, companions, and working farm dogs! 

I encourage you to contact me with any questions you have have about the wonderful cane corso breed, owning a cane corso puppy, or my breeding program.