Preferred Products for your Cane Corso

People often ask me "what do you feed your dogs?" because they are normally in very nice condition.  It is ALL right here: 

I primarily feed a species appropriate RAW diet.  When I am not able to make my own formulated mix, I buy from located in Indianapolis, IN.

The Whole Ground Chicken and Tripe Supermix are my dogs' favorites! 

It comes pre-packaged & frozen.  I simply set out the container to thaw in the sink overnight, and it's ready the next day! 

Before a RAW diet, and even now, while traveling or for boarding, I still feed this: 

Abady "Classic" or "Large Breed Puppy" (depending on their age) mixed 50/50 or 75/25 with ProPlan Sensitive Skin & Stomach

I can personally say you will spend less money at the Vet if you're feeding Abady to your dogs.  For years now I have seen a direct correlation between feeding Abady and fewer vet trips vs, when I have tried other foods.   The ProPlan SSS is merely a readily available, cost effective, and generally safe kibble that the dogs love and I find it doesn't contain any ingredients that offend me.  If they change their formula, then that recommendation may also change.  But for the past few years, I have been pleased with the results.   

As for Supplements, I stick to Nature's Farmacy for most. 

I love the Probiotic Max, the Complete, and the Probiotic Paste

The Link below takes you to my NF partner account and applies a First-time discount.  So if this is you first Nature's Farmacy order, use this link so you can get the best discount.