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Preferred Products for your Cane Corso

People often ask me "what do you feed your dogs?" because they are normally in very nice condition.  It is ALL right here: 

I primarily feed a species appropriate RAW diet.  When I am not able to make my own formulated mix, I buy from located in Indianapolis, IN.

The Whole Ground Chicken and Tripe Supermix are my dogs' favorites! 

It comes pre-packaged & frozen.  I simply set out the container to thaw in the sink overnight, and it's ready the next day! 

In late 2022, we were STILL searching for a responsibly formulated and manufactured dry kibble food.  After we became severely displeased with the quality of ProPlan in around 2019, we had good success with Tractor Supply "4Health" brand through late 2021. But they too changed their ingredients and/or sourcing and the dogs'coats  started shedding and looking dull and not their best.  

FINALLY, in late 2022,

Pet Supplies Plus originated their own "store brand"

with the OptimPlus line. 

In testing, this has proved a wonderful food for our RockHaven Cane Corsos! Coats are shiney and thick with minimal shedding or dander.  Whether 8 years or 8 weeks old, everyone gets compliments on their condition. 

In speaking with their scientists who formulated this food, their goal was to create a food to fill the quality/price gap ProPlan left wide open several years ago. The ingredient formulas are similar to the OLD Proplan formula that performance-dog folks loved for decades, but the ingredient sourcing is safe and responsible and made in the USA.  


Another option besides a difficult to travel RAW diet, or a regular kibble, is the 

Abady "Classic" or "Large Breed Puppy" (depending on their age).  I have been a decades long fan of Abady.  While it used to be fairly expensive, these days, it is on par with costs to even poor quality kibbles (which are overpriced). The quality and results of Abady far outweigh it's cost. 

I can personally say you will spend less money at the Vet if you're feeding Abady to your dogs.  For years now I have seen a direct correlation between feeding Abady and fewer vet trips vs, when I have tried other foods.   The ProPlan SSS is merely a readily available, cost effective, and generally safe kibble that the dogs love and I find it doesn't contain any ingredients that offend me.  If they change their formula, then that recommendation may also change.  But for the past few years, I have been pleased with the results.   

As for Supplements, I stick to Nature's Farmacy for most. 

I love the Probiotic Max, the Complete, and the Probiotic Paste

The Link below takes you to my NF partner account and applies a First-time discount.  So if this is you first Nature's Farmacy order, use this link so you can get the best discount.

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