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RockHaven's Process:

After you complete the Puppy Application, we will send my deposit and Puppy Contract for review, so you can see if you want to pursue it further.  Also, we always recommend coming on over and seeing the dogs in person. 

Even if you don't buy a pup from Rockhaven, you are more than welcome to see the dogs and get some experience with the breed.  We think its important to see as many corsos as you can before committing to a breeder/litter. 

Some things I like to share about the individual attention, effort and support that goes into our puppies and how they are raised :


  •  RockHaven puppies are lovingly raised in the house with lots of hands-on contact with people & surfaces from Day-1. (NOT raised in a barn, like many are.)

  •  They are socialized with people of all sorts and as many children as I am able.  (my friends' kids)

  •  They have lots of sound-socialization with them so they are accustomed to various loud noises.

  •  On a regular-sized litter, I may be able to start crate-training the puppies before they leave.  (on larger litters that is very difficult to achieve)

  •  The tails are docked and dew claws removed at very reputable veterinarians. 

  •  Ear-crop and after-care can be provided for an additional cost before you puppy comes home.

  •  We use only the best brands of Vaccines - often Pfizer/Vanguard.  They also have an additional NeoPar shot at an early age to ensure their safety against Parvo.

  • They are dewormed with 2 different de-worming agents at the appropriate ages (2, 3, 5, 7 weeks).

  •  Periodic fecals are run to ensure they are rid of parasites.

  •  Puppies are weaned on top quality foods and the best supplements.  We spare no expense on giving them a good start. (Diamond Naturals, Fromm, Raw, ProPlan, etc- whichever is best for that litters' systems -- I have found that some litters are different than others. And of course, Natures Farmacy supplements.)

  • Price specifics can be discussed upon an Approved Puppy Application.  A $500 deposit (of that total) is required to Reserve your puppy. (ear cropping and/or delivery is additional if those services are requested). 

  •  Temperament and health guarantees are included. 

  •  Pre-paid AKC microchip is included.

  •  AKC registration is included.

  •  30-days of Pet Insurance is included with the AKC Registration. 

  •  Lifetime breeder support is included-- We WILL respond when you have questions.  PLEASE- let us save you time, effort, & money, when it comes to advice on raising, training, and buying supplies for your RH cane corso!  


What you go home with when you buy a RockHaven puppy:

  • Your puppy!

  • A folder w/ your Puppy's  Shot Record, Contract, Registration Info, Microchip Info, & Recommended Product Listing.

  • A small bag of food to get you started.

  • Some RHCC swag and a few little supplies to help get your puppy home. 







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