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Laura Barton  626-786-2841



Have Questions?

I really want to help you get the right puppy for your family!  If you are considering a RockHaven cane corso, I encourage you to research the breed (and breeders) thoroughly and ask many questions about not only the breed, but my own dogs too! I always tell people: "you do not have to buy a puppy from me to ask/learn about them! I want you to have a good experience with the breed no matter what breeder you choose."
 That said, if price is your first/only question with regard to a RockHaven puppy, then I may not be your breeder of choice.  My goal is produce the best corsos for your family and advancement of the breed. I am not competing for "cheapest" cane corso. However, I can tell you, that a Rockhaven puppy will be neither the most or least expensive you will find.

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